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Imagine stepping into a world where an iconic brand has not only tantalized taste buds but has also etched itself into the hearts of generations – that’s the essence of Shipley Do-Nuts. A revered donut haven, Shipley holds an unparalleled market position that goes beyond business; it’s a cultural phenomenon. With a repertoire of over 60 mouthwatering variations of hot, freshly made Do-Nuts and the irresistible allure of kolaches, Shipley has fostered a “cult-like” following that speaks volumes about its offerings.

However, Shipley Do-Nuts is not just a delicious treat – it’s an entrepreneurial opportunity that beckons. The trajectory of Shipley is soaring, with multi-unit development possibilities spanning prime territories across the southern United States. Bolstered by an experienced management team, our growth strategy is meticulously designed to fortify the brand’s dominance and market presence. The comprehensive support system in place encompasses real estate, construction, training, marketing, and operational assistance, all meticulously designed to ensure your foray into Shipley franchise ownership is a seamless and rewarding experience.

Picture a landscape where a loyal customer base relentlessly seeks the best-in-class products you offer, all freshly crafted each day. With an iconic reputation and an unwavering commitment to your success, your journey with Shipley is backed by a streamlined business model that harnesses cutting-edge technology, ensuring operational fluidity. Moreover, our unyielding dedication to cost management translates into a competitive investment, allowing you to channel your energies into crafting delightful customer experiences.

The future of Shipley Do-Nuts is a journey marked by greatness, as we set our sights on exceeding 600+ locations by 2026. Beyond being a brand, Shipley is a movement, a force that not only transforms taste palates but also uplifts entire communities. The success of our market optimization strategy is evident through the commitments we’ve garnered for new shops in key regions such as Texas, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston. Online ordering innovations have driven over 20% incremental sales growth, while a remarkable +21% YOY comp sales growth in 2022 underscores our momentum.

As you consider this opportunity, take note of the tangible figures that underscore our commitment to both your success and ours. To unlock a world of opportunities with Shipley Do-Nuts, the initial investment per shop ranges from $655,000 to $1,339,500. A franchise fee of $40,000 and a development fee of $10,000 are part of this exciting venture.

So, journey with us as we transform not just donuts, but dreams. Shipley Do-Nuts is more than a franchise – it’s a family, a community bound by the love of indulgence and innovation. Together, let’s script a future that’s rich in flavor and prosperity!

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: N/A

Minimum Investment: $655000 - $1339500

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Min. Liquidity: 225000

Years in Business: 1936

Open Units: 334

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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